SADiSTiC ORDER (Recruiting)

Commander Crisp

none yet
May 2014
lvl 1: Loincloth
Leader Commander Crispy
Current Members 40+
Minimal Level 5
Minimal Trophies 100
Language English
Status Open Admittance
Alliance Type Pursuing Top 10
Alliance Information: We are Sadistic Order. Join us as we rise to the top of the leader boards. We need you, but only if you are team oriented, loyal, honest, and helpful. Not looking for moochers or jumpers. No rules here. Just guidelines you may follow if you want to. Boosting daily is encouraged. Donating is encouraged. Please pay attention to the donation request notes before you donate.
Donation Information: Donating is encouraged but not mandatory. Boosting is highly encouraged as well. If you decide to boost then please don't boost oil. Boost timers first and steel second.
Recruitment Information: If you are down right sick of seeing murder inc. topping all the leaderboards then you need to join us. We are aiming to destroy them as well as the other top alliances. Apply now, almost full!
Profile Author: Alliance profile maintained by Commander Crisp.