BATALION (Recruiting)


Jan 2014
lvl 1: Loincloth
Leader Carbone
Current Members 10+
Minimal Level 6
Minimal Trophies 500
Minimal Donation 5 (weekly)
Language Indonesian
Status Open Admittance
Alliance Type Casual but Trophy Oriented
Alliance Information: We are often sit on TOP 4 on trophies.. (if our elders does not walking around to visit neighbor Indonesian alliances)
Trophy Information: we already re-gaining position to TOP 4 as before..
Donation Information: we use grenadier for casual defends because only countered with grenadiers too, some jeeps for luxury donations, and as you ask when we have..
Recruitment Information: we are very welcome for Indonesian players.. but we don't when you are outsider..
Profile Author: Alliance profile maintained by 5thKnight.