Defensive kill spot hq 9

Author anonymous
Vitals Type: Farming
Stats Rating: 4 | Modifications: 519 | Views: 1,239 | Comments: 0
Created 9 years ago
ive just recently hit hq 9 woohoo, and made this base layout for farmers, it has a really good defense layout as well and has never lost so far, i have 56 defense wins with this base and 0 losses, its perks 1. anti brute force (tank,chopper,atx,general, nano) as most hq 10 trophy hunters are using the kill spot as you see splits the defenses in half and they have to walk into it to get the other side, they will have a nano up by then but the freeze mixed with acid is an instakill towards tanks and atx, i have embassy outside tempting the choppers to be put down as my 4 cyborgs one shot them, 2. hq is outside to get nice 6 hour shields, 3. i have a place for the darium pulsar and the darium beam, but this site hasnt completly updated yet
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